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There are many tasks Mental Health Service Dogs can be trained to do for their handler:

•Assist handler within their home.


•Assist handler in places of public accommodation (e.g. grocery stores, shopping malls, public transportation, and etc.).


•Remind their handler to take medication.


•Wake handler for school or work.


•Assist in coping with emotional overload by bringing handler into the “here and now.”


•Provide a buffer or a shield for the handler in crowded areas by creating a physical boundary.


•Extinguish flashbacks by bringing handler into the here and now.


•Orient during panic/anxiety attack.


•Stand behind handler to increase feelings of safety, reduce hyper-vigilance, and decrease the likelihood of the handler being startled by another person coming up behind them.


•Search dwelling.

There are also many human-canine relationship benefits!

•Relief from feelings of isolation.


•An increased sense of well-being.


•Daily structure and healthy habits.


•An increased sense of security.


•An increased sense of self-efficacy.


•An increased sense of self-esteem. 


•An increased sense of purpose. 


•Mood improvement, and increased optimism.


•A secure and uncomplicated relationship.


•A dependable and predictable love, affection and nonjudgmental companionship.


•Motivation to exercise.


•Encouragement for social interactions.


•Reduction in debilitating symptoms.


•Greater access to the world.


•Around the clock support.

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